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  • Type : Ginger & Red Ginger
  • Style : Fresh
  • Cultivation : Common
  • Weight : 100gr up 150gr up, 200gr up and 250gr
  • Place of Origin : North Sumatera, Indonesia
  • Color : Yellow & Red
  • Grade : High Quality
  • Usage : medicinal use, drinks, food flavor, Etc
  • For More Information & Specifications, please feel free to Contact us to get Catalog Product and Price


Ginger is widely used as a spice, with its three main products being fresh ('green') ginger, dried whole and powdered ginger. In Indonesia, in general, there are 3 types of ginger which are commonly cultivated for economic use by farmers, namely Emprit Ginger or Ordinary Ginger, Red Ginger and Elephant Ginger or Big Ginger, where these three types of ginger have their own uniqueness and advantages.

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