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Specification of Broken Bean Coffee (Coffee Defect) for Export Quality

  • Type : Broken Bean Coffee / Coffee Defects (Arabica & Robusta)
  • Variety : Gayo, Lintong, Mandheling (Arabica), Lampung (Robusta)
  • Origin : Gayo, Tapanuli, Lampung
  • Altitude : 800 - 1600 MASL
  • Processing Type : Wash
  • Size : Mix
  • Moisture : 16% Max
  • Grade : Below Grade III
  • Usage : Cosmetic, Candy, Perfume, other industry, Etc
  • Packaging : Jute Bag or Depend on Buyer Request
  • Weight : 60 Kg / Bag
  • For Inquiry and more information and specification about our products, please contact us through our Whatsapp or E-mail


Coffee defects refer to various imperfections or abnormalities found in coffee beans that can negatively impact the quality and flavor of the brewed coffee. One common defect is known as "broken coffee beans." Broken beans occur when the beans crack or split during processing, transportation, or handling. This can happen due to excessive pressure, improper drying, or rough handling during transportation. Broken coffee beans are considered a defect because they can affect the consistency of the brewing process and lead to an uneven extraction of flavors, resulting in an inferior cup of coffee. When coffee beans are broken, it can affect the overall appearance of the coffee. Broken beans are often smaller in size and have irregular shapes compared to whole beans. This inconsistency in size and shape can affect the brewing process, as the smaller broken beans may extract faster and contribute to over-extraction, resulting in a bitter or unbalanced taste. Additionally, broken beans have a larger surface area exposed to the air, making them more susceptible to moisture absorption, which can lead to mold or other quality issues. In terms of flavor, broken coffee beans can have a negative impact. The cracks in the beans can expose the inner parts of the coffee to the air, causing oxidation and flavor degradation. This can result in a stale or off-flavor in the brewed coffee. Moreover, the uneven extraction caused by broken beans can lead to inconsistencies in flavor, with some cups being weaker or stronger than others. Overall, the presence of broken coffee beans is undesirable and can significantly affect the overall quality and enjoyment of a cup of coffee. Indo Agri Center provides and export Coffee defects / Broken coffee bean.

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