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Specification of Cocoa Mass / Liquor for Export Quality

  • Type : Cocoa Liquor / Mass
  • Origin : Indonesia
  • Flavor : Medium
  • Fat Content : 50% Min
  • Moisture : 2% Max
  • pH : 5.1 – 6.0
  • Shelf Life : 1 Year
  • Packaging : Carton box in 15 kg or 20 kg
  • For Inquiry and more information and specification about our products, please contact us through our Whatsapp or E-mail


Cocoa liquor (cocoa mass) is a cocoa product in the form of a paste obtained from cocoa nibs (cocoa bean chips) through milling without removing the fat content. Cocoa liquor is a semi-finished product that is the result of the processing of cocoa beans. The cocoa beans are roasted, alkalizing (optional) and nibroton or grinding the beans which then produce liquor. After that, it can still be processed again and also the liquor has become a product that can be sold. Indo Agri Center provides and export high quality of Cocoa Liquor with various categorizes.

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