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Specification of Cardamom for Export Quality

  • Cultivation Type : Common
  • Style : Dried
  • Grade : A (High Quality)
  • Usage : Herb, food spices, etc
  • Place of Origin : Indonesia
  • Moisture : 15-20%
  • Color : White Brown
  • Form : Granule
  • Packing : Paper bag 25 & 50 Kg
  • Supply Ability : 20 Tons / Month
  • For Inquiry and more information and specification about our products, please contact us through our Whatsapp or E-mail


Cardamom (Ammomum cardamomum L.) is a medicinal plant commodity that has its own attention. This commodity is also a spice plant that is not substituted (cannot be replaced) with other plants in people's daily lives. Cardamom has good prospects for agribusiness development because it has quite high economic value, is a raw material for the pharmaceutical, herbal and perfume industries. There are two types of cardamom that can be developed in Indonesia, namely sabrang cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum L) and local cardamom (Amomum cardamomum L.). Sabrang cardamom has two cultivars namely Malabar and Mysore. In some areas cardamom is known by the names: cardamom (jw.), Kapol (Sd.), cardamom, palagha (Md.), cardamom, karkolaka (Balinese). The foreign name of cardamom is pai thou kou (China). the Greeks called the fruit cardamomom. in English it is called cardamom, in Thai it is called krava, elaichi, in Indian, and elakkaai in Tamil. However, most of it is cultivated by local cardamom farmers, while a small portion of sabrang cardamom is cultivated in the village. Sabrang cardamom is known as genuine cardamom (true cardamom) because of its high essential oil content (5 - 8%) and smells aromatic, while local cardamom is known as false cardamom (false cardamom) which has an essential oil content of only 2 - 3.5% and it smells less aromatic. Indo Agri Center provides and export high quality of cardamom with various grades.

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