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Varieties of CTC Black Tea in Bulk
Grade I
Grade II
Grade III

Specifications of CTC Black Tea (Bulk)

  • Product Type : Black Tea
  • Type : Various
  • Variety : Kayu Aro
  • Grade : I, II, & III
  • Form : Depend on Type
  • Color : Black
  • Processing Type : CTC
  • Taste & Flavor : Depend on Type
  • Weight(Kg) : 45 - 60 Kg (Depend on Type)
  • Place of Origin : North Sumatera, Indonesia
  • Usage : For Drinks (Beverage) & Beauty Treatment
  • Certifications : Rainforest Alliance (RA), Halal MUI, BPOM
  • For More Information & Specifications, please feel free to Contact us to get Catalog Product and Price


CTC is a method that is widely used because it has several advantages, including in the production process it requires less labor and produces optimal products, so that CTC black tea products are exported to various countries such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia and Europe. The processing of CTC black tea starts from receiving shoots, pot analysis, withering, milling, enzymatic oxidation, and sorting. Black tea goes through a fermentation process in the form of enzymatic oxidation. The enzymatic oxidation process is carried out after the tea leaves go through the CTC (Crushing, Tearing, Curling) process to become tea. Indo Agri Center provides and export high quality of CTC black tea with various grades ranging from bulk to retail which is produced directly from Tea Plantations. This high quality ctc black tea is commonly referred to by its regional names, namely Kayu Aro Tea.

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