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Specification of Arabica Gayo Coffee for Export Quality

  • Type : Arabica Gayo (Green Bean)
  • Variety : Ateng, Gayo1, Gayo2, P-88
  • Origin : Central Aceh
  • Altitude : 1100 – 1500 MASL
  • Processing Type : Semi Wash, Full Wash
  • Moisture : 13% Max
  • Trease / Trash : 1-2%
  • Grade I : Defect : 0-11%
  • Grade II : Defect : 12-25%
  • Grade III : Defect : 26-44%
  • Packaging : Jute Bag or PP Bag or Depend on Buyer Request
  • Weight : 60 kg / Bag
  • For Inquiry and more information and specification about our products, please contact us through our Whatsapp or E-mail


Aceh is also known as one of the largest Arabica coffee production centers not only in Indonesia, but also in Asia with good quality coffee at the world level. The coffee is better known as “Gayo” Coffee because of its distinctive coffee aroma and taste characteristics. Gayo coffee is an Arabica coffee variety which is one of from the Gayo Highlands, Central Aceh, Indonesia. Plantations in Gayo, Central Aceh are on average at an altitude of 1,000 to 1,200 meters above sea level. The location is around the city of Takengon and close to Lake Tawar. The majority of the tribes living in this area are Gayo people. The character of Gayo coffee's strong taste, low acidity with a hint of spice (spice), makes it very popular, especially in the United States and Europe. The clean character makes it sell well as a house blend. The distinctive feature of Gayo Arabica Coffee is that it tends to have an inconsistent taste. This happened because the coffee plantations in the Gayo Highlands area have different altitudes, as well as various cultivation methods. Indo Agri Center provides and export high quality of Arabica Gayo Coffee with various grades.

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